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Aesthetic benefits to treating water

There are more aesthetic benefits to treating water than we can list on this page, but here’s a start:


Take care of your skin and hair! By softening your water:


water text bullet.png Your hair and skin will get cleaner. This is because hard water, with all of its minerals, keeps soap from lathering as it should and working as it ought to. With softened water, your skin will glow and your hair will shine!


water text bullet.png Your hair and skin will be softer, suffering less wear-and-tear. Hard water leaves an invisible film on skin that blocks pores and attracts and holds bacteria. This causes chapping, itchiness, and dryness.


water text bullet.png Your hair will become more manageable because it’s cleaner and softer.


And, by removing contaminants, you could fix your hair color . Acid water or water containing iron can change the color of your hair, even turning blonde hair green! Keep clothes, bedding, and other fabrics like new!

A Purdue University study found that, by washing in hard water:

red bad water text bullet.png Colors fade faster.

red bad water text bullet.png Whites darken or yellow faster.


red bad water text bullet.png Fabrics aren't as soft; they stiffen more.

red bad water text bullet.png Laundry doesn't get as clean.

red bad water text bullet.png Laundry resoils with greater ease.


Fabrics wear out up to 15% faster. This is probably from residue in the fabric that stiffens it, increasing friction and wear on the fabric as it flexes. The increased wear-and-tear that fabrics washed in hard water suffer may also be because the effectiveness of detergents – which help lubricate fabric and prolong its life – is reduced by hard water.

Your house will be cleaner - and easier to clean! With soft water:


water text bullet.png Eliminate staining of sinks, toilets, tubs and fixtures from acid and iron.


water text bullet.png Household surfaces and appliances are easier to clean. This is because hard water counteracts the alkalinity of household cleaners, such that it reduces their effectiveness.


water text bullet.png You can eliminate residue on your bathtubs, toilets, sinks, tile, appliances, etc. Hardness minerals combine with soaps and household cleaners to form a sticky, insoluble scum.


water text bullet.png You’ll also notice less spotting on dishes, windows, cars, etc..


Improve the appearance, taste, and smell of your foods and beverages! Untreated water can cause aesthetic problems with food and beverages that require water use, e.g. pasta, rice, tea, and coffee. Softening your water can make it look clear (so your ice cubes will no longer be cloudy), taste clean, and smell fresh.

Reap the benefits of treated water! Nationally, eight out of ten homes do not have naturally soft water. Even municipally treated water and water drawn from wells may still have excessive levels of hardness. Have you tested your water for hardness yet?