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Filtered is Better, Safer and Cheaper

Many people who are aware of the dangers of tap water choose to buy bottled water.

It must be easier and less expensive than investing in a water filtration system, right?

Wrong. And Here's Why:

Bottled water isn't necessarily safer than tap water.
About one-quarter of bottled water is tap water that has been processed and repackaged. Once it’s bottled water, it’s the FDA – not the EPA – who regulate it. For example, the EPA requires that tap water be monitored for asbestos, while the FDA imposes no such requirement on bottled-water manufacturers. Also, bottled-water companies aren't required to disinfect or test for parasites such as Cryptosporidium or Giardia--a requirement for city tap water.

Consequences of putting the water in plastic:
Putting the water in a plastic bottle can affect taste, depending on the type of plastic used. Also in an August 2000 Consumer Reports report, eight of the ten 5-gallon polycarbonate jugs checked left residues of the endocrine disrupter, bisphenol A (BPA), in the water. (Plastic components.)

Not Informing Consumers
Filtering your tap water gives you control over what's removed from the water you drink. Unlike bottled water, many filters tell you exactly what they filter out. Note also that the source of purified drinking water need not be named (unless it is untreated public-source water).


Bottled water is expensive!
Filters also give you clean water that's cheaper than bottled water delivered to your home; that's about 30 to 50 cents per gallon on average vs. 89 cents to more than $2 per gallon.

American consumers spent more than $1 billion on all manner of home water-filtering gear last year, according to Frost & Sullivan, a market research firm. One-third of the water they drank was bottled. Bottled water isn't cheap; prices average about 89 cents for a 1-gallon jug, the kind supermarkets sell. At that rate, a typical household would spend $214 a year for drinking water. And if they wanted it delivered at home? Add about $325 or more per year.


Bottled water is a pain to purchase (having to shop for and lugging gallons around), and It also provides only a limited supply of water (so you won't use it all the times you should, e.g. for brushing your teeth, cooking, providing water for pets).