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Yet another PFC meeting was held June 28th at the Upper Moreland High School


IN THE WORDS OF JOHN THEISEN, OWNER SANATOGA WATER CONDITIONING: The law firm of Weitz and Luxenberg, and had Erin Brackovich skyped in for a brief time to answer some questions. The firm is considering a class action suit and wanted to inform residents of their options. The parking lot and auditorium were pretty much filled to capacity, and the general mood was one of anger and concern.  Residents posed questions to the attorneys present asking why they weren’t notified earlier, when solutions would be available and who was going to be responsible for the blood testing that will be critical in catching any issues caused by the tainted water. They mentioned high instances of cancers, especially childhood ones, in the general area. Besides the health concerns, lower property values, and possibly the total inability to sell your home should you want to relocate are also issues of concern to many.

About one third of those in attendance stated they were on well water, while the rest were on public water.  Public water residents were assured that the water utility is now delivering them water that is below the recommended limits, but one resident questioned that if 16 wells have been shut down due to high PFC concentration, then wouldn’t the water in that aquifer eventually make its way into the aquifers serving the other wells anyway?  Well owners were urged to contact the firm with any information they have regarding their wells, any testing that has been done, any reports of illness and any other pertinent facts.

Erin Brackovich stated that in the 22 years she has been a consumer advocate, the water supplies in our country have not gotten any better.  She noted that officials at the Federal, State and Local levels are understaffed and under budgeted, and that there are roughly 88,000 chemical compounds out there and only about 100 are regulated at this point.


Another resident provided some information regarding the lifetime limit of PFC exposure, and stated that that recommended limit is about half of what the utility is delivering now.

My concern for all involved is that there really hasn’t been a lot of long term studies to determine what, if any amount of these compounds is safe.  We can look back at Arsenic recommended and regulated levels 20 years ago that were at 50.  So if you were drinking water at 20, you would feel safe because that was less than half of the limit.  However, years later after more information was available, the EPA decided a limit of 10 was the safe limit, and some states even adopted a limit of 5!  So the poor person who thought they were drinking water below half the limit is now suddenly drinking water at 2 to 4 times the limit!


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Get Peace of Mind


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Well owners, don't just sit back and wait for the state to save you by providing bottled water until a long term solution is reached. GET YOUR WATER TESTED and schedule a consultation for a solution for your family or business!

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PFC's Found In Warrington Well Water


Water Contamination in Warrington, Montgomery CountyThe Warrington area has discovered Perflourinated Compounds (PFCs) in local wells, most likely caused by firefighting drills performed at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station over the years. The local public water company has shut down three of their wells that were contaminated, and advised residents of what is going on, but many are still up in arms and not sure if they trust the remaining wells or the water that is now being imported from another neighboring utility company.  It will take years for this to be resolved from the utility standpoint, and that still leaves the private well owners with the issues to deal with on an individual basis.


The US EPA as well as many states have addressed this issue and the general consensus is the 1) there is not enough data to come up with a number to be considered “safe” at this point, only a vague recommended number 2) this is NOT a regulated contaminant, so many other utilities do not test for this as all  3) Carbon filtration seems to be the best answer, as long as the proper carbon, amount of carbon, and tank set up is utilized.


Based on experience and knowledge in the Water Quality Industry, Sanatoga Water Conditioning believes that any sort of large scale fix to this problem is not going to happen overnight, and concerned homeowners and businesses need to take responsibility for their family’s health on an individual basis until this issue is resolved. This is best done with the installation of a properly designed, professionally installed and properly maintained redundant carbon system with prefiltration and test ports. Click here to learn more...




Is the Salt on Roads Affecting Tap Water?

Quick answer, YES it can. Watch the videos from Fox 29 News to learn more and find out if it is dangerous to our health. But your water can be the cause of other concerns any time of the year, including skin and hair problems and the efficiency of your appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, water heater).

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PA Governor Signs Bill to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water

Governor Tom Corbett Signs Bill Reducing Lead In Water Supplies - On June 12th, 2014, Governor Tom Corbett signed Senate Bill 1254 that will enhance the quality and safety of drinking water by significantly lowering the lead content in pipes and other plumbing products. Under the measure (Act 55 of 2014), the maximum allowable lead content in plumbing products is reduced from 8 percent to 0.25 percent. The new law also makes Pennsylvania’s lead content standard consistent with a new federal law that took effect in January.


According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to high levels of lead in drinking water can result in delays in physical and mental development, along with attention span problems and learning disabilities in children. In adults, water tainted by lead can cause increases in blood pressure and kidney problems.


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Cleaning Contact Lens

If untreated or filtered tap water is unhealthy to consume, shouldn't people who wear contact lenses be concerned about the safety of using tap water when cleaning their lenses?

Tap water is not sterile and can cause infections from pesticides and bacteria, like Acanthomaeoba. Therefore, you should never wash or store your lenses in tap water or any other liquid than contact lens solution. Also, avoid swimming or showering with your lenses to avoid contact with tap or chlorine filled water.


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For more information and other safety tips for contact lens wearers, visit Family Vision Source website.

UV_bulb.jpgAttention homeowners with Ultraviolet Sterilizer (UV) systems installed in their homes!

Do you know that the bulb in you system requires ANNUAL REPLACEMENT?

The bulb may remain lit for a longer period of time but the intensity decreases after one year. Additionally, the quartz sleeve requires 

replacement every 5 years. Properly maintaining the system is the only way to ensure SAFE DRINKING WATER.

Water Heater Maintenance

The anode rod should be inspected periodically (every 2 years) and replaced when necessary to prolong tank life.

Water conditions in your area will influence the time interval for inspection and replacement of the anode rod.

An odor on the hot side of your water often indicates that the anode rod needs to be replaced.

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 Is there ARSENIC in your well water?!

 Press Release from the Water Quality Association (April 23, 2013)

“Eight percent of more than 5,000 wells tested across Pennsylvania contain groundwater with levels of arsenic at or above federal standards set for public drinking water, while an additional 12 percent – though not exceeding standards – show elevated levels.”


Read on here: http://www.wqa.org/pdf/PressReleases/PennArsenic042313.pdf


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